Laptop Gaming TDK update and future direction

If you are reading this blog, youprobably read my previous blog on the introduction to the Laptop Gaming TDK(Psst.. if not go read it here J). Two months and approximately1000 downloads later, the Laptop Gaming TDK has seen the first trickle of gamereleases with the latest patch releases of CodeMasters' Race Driver 3, DungeonSiege 2 and Lionhead - The Movies that have used parts or whole of the LaptopGaming TDK. Atleast another half-dozen titles that are using the Laptop GamingTDK for platform awareness are currently under production.

This is a good time and forum tomention about the interesting work of Christopher Leske and his mod of theIntel Laptop Gaming TDK for Adobe Director. Chris is a freelance softwaredeveloper who used to work with Macromedia on a real-time 3D rendering enginefrom Intel. He has provided an Adobe Director API interface for the IntelLaptop Gaming TDK (calls it the Intel Laptop Gaming TDK Xtra). Chrissees a potential for the Intel Laptop Gaming TDK to be used in flash games aswell. While this was not an originally intended usage model for the IntelLaptop Gaming TDK, it is nevertheless exciting to see such out-of-the-boxthinking from our users.

Last week we hosted an informalchat session to discuss the Laptop Gaming TDK with some of our users. Themotivation behind the chat was to hear from the people who have downloaded theTDK and have used it in their applications. Engineers from the Laptop GamingTDK team participated in the chat and answered questions ranging from platform/OScompatibility to future development direction. If you could not make it to the chat, you can still read the transcripts of the chat.We will continue to use such informal sessions to answer questions and concernsfrom our user base. So look forward to more such announcements. If you haveother game developer friends who might be interested in the discussion, don'thesitate to bring them in as well.

As we start seeing the inflow of more Ultra Mobile Devices (UMDs) into the market, aninteresting direction that the Laptop Gaming TDK might venture into in the future, we see a need for gaming on the go more than ever. We are very interested in hearing from anybodywho has had good/bad experiences with playing games on ultra-mobile devices oryou can simply share your ideas on any features that you would like to see inthe TDK going forward.

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