Something un-Intel happened on the way to the community

I've been at Intel for 15 years. And every once in awhile, we get to try something different. When that happens, it can be both fun and nerve wracking. That's what I have been through the last four weeks. I was able to pull together a small team of people inside and outside the company to create and launch a very un-Intel like program. What made it un-Intel like? We wanted to push the corporate envelope. We set out to develop a video and game based web site to get developers to learn more about multithreading.

I drank lots of coffee in the mornings and got no sleep at night. Worked around the clock and second guessed very step... but we got the thing done. The video is up on YouTube. It still makes me cringe to watch at it. I pushed my own envelope, but wonder if we went far enough? Does it tell an odd enough story to want to share?

Early reviews are all over the board. What do you think? Do you care about Walter Finethen? Are you curious how and why he evolves? Is Threadimus a smart idea or a dumb spokesmodel? I'm still trying to answer those questions myself...

So far I still have my job - perhaps there's room for more un-Intel like programs in the future. What would you do if you were a software programmer in a marketing organization in a hardware company? Now... there might be the next video idea.
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