Making Intel AMT Managibility Easy

As the Intel AMT DTK was featured on Tom's Hardware, I started participating in the discussion forum associated with the article. One reader posted that he worked in IT and had the chance to have several servers with technology similar to Intel AMT. Because it was complicated to use, he never really bothered with it. I think this is a good point, if it's complicated, why bother.

This comment is causing me to look at Intel AMT Commander and Intel AMT Director and ask: could I make them easier to use? I certainly welcome suggestions on this topic. I am generally swamped with work, adding new features and fixing bugs. But ease of use is also a feature I think about a lot. I released v0.29 of the Intel AMT DTK last night after working all days on making Intel AMT Director's UI simpler to use.

I hear lots of rants about how the Intel SCS is difficult to use and I talk to the developers of SCS within Intel. They are also looking for tips on how to make it simpler to use. In the case of SCS, it's going to be difficult to make it easier to use... I read the instruction manual and never started with it. To this day, I never used Intel SCS. In the end, I would really like to be able to have someone run Intel AMT tools without opening a single instruction's manual and have everything work as expected.

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