Announcing the Intel Black Belt Software Developers!

A few months ago, I was given the charter to understand how we could identify the most active members in our communities and make them feel more valued. I interviewed a number of our community members to understand why they contributed and what we could do to reward, recognize them. The result is a new title to recognize members for their technical expertise, sharing knowledge and for collaborating to make our communities stronger.  

‘Intel Black Belt Software Developer’ is the new title designed to recognize members for their time and effort to help make Intel Software Network a valuable developer resource. Why Black Belt? Because a Black Belt connotes mastery that comes from developing competency and gaining a deep understanding, which is what our members demonstrate. 

There are a number of benefits associated with this title and you can find these here, but more importantly I envision this title as means for us to thank members of our communities for their valuable contributions.








Igor Levicki and Jim Dempsey are our first two Black Belt Software Developers. Igor is based in Belgrade, Serbia and works on code optimization, image, video, and audio processing as well as threading and GPGPU programming. Most of you would recognize Igor from his active participation in the discussion forums.

 Jim has an experience spanning stints with reputed companies such as Digital Equipment Corp, EDUCOMP. Jim is a frequent contributor to the Parallel Programming Forum. Most recently Jim joined us at the Research@Intel event along with Aaron Tersteeg, community manager for Threading for Multi-Core community.

Congratulations to Jim and Igor :-). Stay tuned for more Black Belt recognitions over the next couple of months.


That said this title is only a starting point. I am excited to hear from you on this recognition, benefits and more. What do you think we can do better? What would you like to see as part of recognition?


Post a comment, or drop me a note at gunjan dot s dot rawal at intel dot com. I am excited to hear from you.



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