Why 3D interchange tools help market hardware

The blog link below is an interesting example of why Intel should be supporting COLLADA (which we do btw). This user wants to enhance the quality of her photoshop work by using 3D objects with shaders applied, and use (and interchange) different DCC tools to achieve her best model effect.

Unfortunately due to weak exporters (FBX or COLLADA), shaders are not exported as well as they could be, thus there is no easy way for end users to use the high end shaders they create in a DCC tool (and supported on their good quality graphics cards). This in turn lowers their motivation in buying a high end graphics cards such as a Larrabee card.  What's the point if you can't get to the highest end content from the tools you know and use daily? From my own selfish perspective, this could also  potentially damage any differentiation of technology I would want to show we have over our competition.


So, why is this important? Well, from a marketing perspective, if you can't market the differentiation in content from a wide variety of quality DCC tools, your job is sorely limited to "canned" differentiation demo's of good 3D content. Imagine the viral ability to be able to grab a piece of quality 3D content from almost any DCC tool (and most today do support COLLADA well enough), demo it's Larrabee differentiators, and leave your audience "wowed." I look forward to this day and am working to bring us there.

So, go out and make content and demand that your favorite hardware best support your favorite tools. Long live CONTENT!

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