Open Source Cloud Matures: Eucalyptus and Terraccota Partnership

Open source cloud computing vendor Eucalyptus and Terracotta, which is focused on high availability Java applications, recently announced a partnership to deliver an open source solution for high performance, scalable applications deployed in private clouds. This partnership includes tighter integration between their two products along with sales and marketing activities.

According to Amit Pandey, CEO of Terracotta: “Our partnership with Eucalyptus is ideal for enterprises that are adopting the cloud as their IT infrastructure for deploying highly scalable applications to their employees and customers. By addressing the scalability of the data layer and the ability to easily provision elastic cloud resources within internal infrastructure, Eucalyptus and Terracotta are empowering enterprises to build the most cost-effective private clouds using commodity hardware and the virtualization technology of their choice.”

Jay Lyman, an open source analyst at The 451 Group, sees this as part of a larger trend where "open source continues to play a vital role in cloud computing, enabling a wide range of vendors and providers to both build cloud computing infrastructure and applications using open source, and to offer open source via cloud computing to enterprise and other customers." Jay also talks specifically about the Terracotta and Eucalyptus partnership saying that "open source is maturing along with cloud computing ... These two open source cloud players obviously see the benefits of working together and they’ll be integrating technology and teaming on sales and marketing."

While the growth of cloud computing is accelerating at a rapid pace, open source cloud computing solutions continue to be a viable alternative as one of the many options available to customers.

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