My Parallel Junkie Enabler

I love my wife.

You may recall that for my 2008 birthday she got me Introduction to Algorithms, 3E. She knows how to feed my "addiction" for parallel programming knowledge and books. For Christmas this year she got me a copy of Introduction to Parallel Computing, 2E, by Grama, Gupta, Karypis, and Kumar.

I have the first edition of their book (Introduction to Parallel Computing: Design and Analysis of Algorithms[1994]) and I used it when I was teaching at University of Southern Mississippi and when I was working for the Department of Defense contracts. When I first saw that a new version was published (2003), I meant to get it. It's been on my Amazon Wishlist for quite a few years. But, as my work moved out of HPC, though, I found I was no longer needing to consult the text.

As mentioned at the outset of the Preface of the second edition, the world of parallel computing has changed. This latest version includes information on Pthreads and OpenMP, so the book has again become relevant to what I'm doing now. Better late than never, right?

However, now that it has been 7+ years since this edition was published, I fear a third edition will soon be out and I'll want to update my library again. I'm not sure if my wife will be willing to re-feed my habit so soon or make me go cold turkey.
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