A Tale of Two Cakes

Parallel Programming Talk has now put out 100 episodes. The first were done as phone-in Internet radio shows. We now are broadcasting video interviews and have just inaugurated a newly constructed Intel Software Network studio. Our special 100th episode is now available for viewing.

This milestone show includes a retrospective of the beginnings of the show and how it has transformed through the few short years we have been doing it. Some previous guests of the show call in to let us know what they are currently working on. Finally, Paul Steinberg and Arti Gupta, the hosts of Teach Parallel and Visualize This!, came out to reminisce about how their shows started and have changed over the years.

While the retrospective and remembering some of the wisdom and foolishness we've tried to impart over the first 100 shows was fun, there was one other event that marked the show's century mark and illustrates parallelism in real-world situations. Kathy Farrel and I were in Oregon to tape the 100th episode. To further commemorate the event we shared a cake with folks at the Intel offices in Hillsboro, OR. Not wanting to leave the good folks at my home base out of the celebration, I had another cake made and delivered to the office in Champaign, IL.

That's right, distributed parallel cakes for the 100th episode of Parallel Programming Talk!

There wasn't anything left when I finally got back home, but I'm assured that everyone who was in the office enjoyed it. 

I want to thank everyone associated with Parallel Programming Talk that have been working either in front of the microphone or behind the scenes. It's been a great and rewarding experience up to this point. Now we start on the second 100 shows. I look forward to more great guests, more great listener questions, and more concurrent fun than you can shake four cores at.
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