Ylian's personal update - Back from Vacation!

Hi everyone! It's almost 4am as I am starting to write this blog. I just woke up from being jet lagged. I want to make this blog about what I have been up.

European Vacation

First, I just came back from a two week European vacation (Photos here). I had a direct flight from Portland, Oregon to Amsterdam and then used the amazing train system to get around. Starting with a boat tour of Amsterdam, we visited Brussels, Bruges, London and Paris. The "TGV" trains are simply amazing, I had my Android phone with me on the train and turned on the GPS to see if I could get a lock and determine the speed of the train. My girlfriend did a double take when I told her with where going 185 miles / hour! I always found this speed amazing. Even better when you put your face to the window and an opposite train going at the same speed passes inches away. Some of the high speed trains, namely the Thalys serving Belgium have Internet access, even in tunnels using a mix of technologies (video here). I wish we had such a train in the US, still, I have used Amtrak a few times and it's still lots of fun.

By the way, many of my pictures of this trip have my girlfriend in them, she is Holli Jennings, Miss Tall International 2009 standing at  6'3" or 193 centimeters tall. She has her own blog about being tall and tall issues at thetallblog.com. If you are tall yourself, may want to check it out.


One of my primary focus right now is on the new peer-to-peer mesh project and MeshCentral. In the last two weeks, MeshCentral.com seems to have fared well. There is a high priority problem I will be working on fixing in the next few weeks, on the server side we use a message bus to dispatch control messages and events like "wake this compute" and this bus occasionally fails. The result is that you can't wake PC's anymore, the Twitter feed stops working, etc. Restarting the server software fixes it for a while, but I need to get to the bottom of it. There is lots of work to be done on scaling the solution I also want to get done in the next months. In general, no more big features for a while as I work on fixing the current offering. If you use the Meshcentral Connector tool, I have had problems with and fixed the self-updating system. If the self-update system fails to work properly, just download and install manually.

Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies

A popular download is the Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies. Other people at Intel and I have been stepping up the work on this project lately. Just before going on vacation, we added a bunch of new features including a new Java based Android stack in the code generation tool. Seems that there are still problems to be worked out and will be working on it today and in the next few days. Since this is a very widely used set of tools and the update frequency is high, may have noticed the self-update system did have issues. If the tools don't update correctly, download and install manually. Self-update should be fixed in the current version.

Intel System Defense Utility

Another project I have been working on much more aggressively in the last few weeks is an Intel branded introduction tool for Intel vPro platforms. Intel System Defense Utility (ISDU) gets users started on using the unique Intel AMT features found in Intel vPro. While on vacation, Intel released ISDU 2.0.1 on the official site and Intel support. It's a major update above previous versions but I am getting reports of issues and so, working on getting more bug fixes released. I am very happy with the improved user interface compared to the previous versions, but the addition of WSMAN support, needed for full support of the latest Intel AMT 5.0+ all while maintaining SOAP support for Intel AMT 2.x to 4.x is a challenge. If you happen to use this tool and have comments/feedback, please don't hesitate to contract me, I will work on it.

The coming months...

Lucky for me, I don't have any other trips planned for the coming weeks or months so I should be able to code away at the bugs and keep adding features in all three of my main projects. As a side note, I have also been updating my Resource Translator tool and using it to translate tools, notably ISDU to other languages. I have been working on updating my Microsoft Home Server Add-in, but my HP LS-195 which I use for development stopped working and HP support has not been helpful so far, expect a blog on this topic soon.

That's it for now. Please keep the feedback and bug reports coming.


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