Spelling Lesson

What's that word you use that means "to transform serial code into a parallel equivalent"? Obviously this will be a "new" word since I'm pretty sure the Romans and other Latin speakers had no concept of parallel computation and, therefore, we don't have some root word from that language on which to draw from. This means we get to invent the word. But what word should it be and how do you spell it?

To me, the logical choice is to add the suffix "-ize" to "parallel". This kind of word construction has been used quite successfully in the past. For example, if you are making milk and cream more homogeneous, you would "homogenize" the mixture. Or, if you are cleaning garments as part of one of the Martin Franchises, Inc., franchises, you would "martinize" the clothes. And, if you want to spread the evanagelical word throughout the land, you would "evangelize" from coast to coast.

Thus, "parallelize" is my choice. Sure, it can be a bit of a tongue twister for the uninitiated, but with practice it starts to get easier to pronounce.

However, yesterday, I saw an alternate word used  in a presentation by Arch Robison. Arch is a really smart guy and I respect his opinions, so it made me think I might have been wrong or swimming against the new rising current of proper word usage in my chosen field. His spelling was "parallize," which takes out the third syllable from the word I use. This word is easier to pronounce, but I think it can sound too much like "paralyze" when spoken. This is just the opposite of what programmers expect when they are in the process of transforming their serial code.

I want to be correct in my usage. It doesn't help anyone communicate their ideas if they use the wrong words. Since this is something new, though, we can set what word is to be used. I doubt either of these words will be added to the Oxford English Dictionary any time soon, so it's up to us to determine what the proper word should be. Popular and constant  repetition will drive the "free market" of usage to select one over the other. Which word do you prefer or do you have a better choice?

(An alternate is to use the "-ate" suffix, but "parallelate" just sounds weird.)
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