We're Dancing as Fast as We Can - So Much New Must-Read Content

There is so much new good stuff on this community that I can't quite keep up. What, with the launching of yet another Threading Challenge last week and nearly a dozen new blogs and articles in these last few weeks - can't believe it's almost May.

Let me direct you to some recent clever and informative blogs:

Clay Breshears has taken time to wax somewhat poetic on topics ranging from gatherings  to plagiarism (?)

Noah Clemons has been very busy putting together a series of blog/video combos: six so far (in as many days, I have to add)  and somebody told me that this is just the beginning of an extremely lengthy string.

Noah recently dropped in on Parallel Programming Talk (this guy is everywhere it seems :-))  to help Clay and me discuss an interesting Forum Thread on Threading Blocks). That show will be available for on-demand viewing Friday, May 6.

Senior Cluster Architect Michael Hebenstreit published "Performance comparison of the Cluster File Systems at the Intel CRT-DC"

So take some time and read at the Parallel Programming Community!

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