Visualize this! Audri Phillips on advancements in digital art

Welcome to Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development. My guest is Audri Phillips, author and digital artist.

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Community News:
1. OpenCL SDK beta is now live on the Visual Computing community. You can download it ">here
2. We have published part 2 of dynamics and particle effects by Audri Phillips herself. Check it out, I am sure Audri will appreciate your feedback.

Questions :
1. Tell us about yourself, you are very involved in this industry, what are you working on?
2. You have been in this industry for a long time, how has the use of the computer by artists changed?
3. The area of visual computing is changing drastically, what new immersive technologies are most exciting to you? And why?
4. You have written articles on particle effects on the Intel community, what are some of the challenges in this area? Does the advent of multi core systems with immense computing power, help?
5. Realistic hair and fur is also another big challenge facing computer graphics artists and programmers. How can game developers / artists create realistic looking hair?
6. Typically it is thought that once an artist always an artist, do you think the skills learnt in this area can be transferred to other industries?

I am always looking for community feedback and questions. You can email them to or provide on twiter @artigupta

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