Do you have a face for parallelism?

Are you going to the Intel Developer Forum next week (13-15 SEP 2011)? If so, you should check out the "Faces of Parallelism" lab that is being held on Wednesday afternoon. This event will be a self-paced lab on parallel programming with the Intel® Parallel Building Blocks. If you have some experience with one of the programming libraries, this will give you a chance to experience features of one of the others. For example, you may know how to code with Intel® Threading Building Blocks, so you can try Intel® Array Building Blocks or Intel® Cilk Plus.

(OK, OK. Stifle that yawn. You've been there and done that. I get it.)

No need to worry about getting out of your depth, either, since each lab will have three levels based on programmer experience. You will be able to participate even if you've never touched a thread in your code before.

If you're an expert in one or more of these models, there is still something new we can offer to you. Once you've gone through the PBB labs, there will be an opprotunity for you to do a  fourth programming lab that you will just have to attend the lab to see. However, you will watch the latest Intel® silicon features be unlocked via Intel’s optimized Software Tools.

(Do I have your attention, now? Good, 'cause I'm about to turn it up to "11").

That's not the best part, though. The title "Faces of Parallelism" isn't just a catchy phrase. There is a reason for the choice. After you've spent some time working through some of the interesting exercises, we want to know what you think about the programming model you've just used and how you think that technology would be useful to you. To preserve your comments and ideas, we will have a video crew standing by to tape your testimonial. (And show your face as a "face of parallelism".)

After the event is over, a squad of experts will be reviewing the comments submitted by participants and choosing the best submission in each of the four programming areas. Those with the best submissions will be awarded a great prize!

So, if you've got a face (like one of these clowns pictured here) and an interest in parallel programming at any level of experience, this promises to be a fun and informative event. I hope you'll want to join me and the other proctors (each an expert in the programming models being featured) to try something new that can be added to your parallel programming repertoire.

When you get your IDF material, look for the "Faces of Parallelism" lab on Wednesday afternoon. It is scheduled for 4 hours, but you can drop by anytime you have 20-30 minutes free; there's no strict start time after the event gets underway. Join us and you, too, could be one of the next faces of parallelism.

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