The Keys to Intel vPro Technology: HECI MEI LMS SOL UNS

It seems that our Developers are spending a lot of time looking for information about HECI drivers.  WithvPro being around for many years now (we are on our 7th revision going on 8) I was wondering if this piece of Active Management Technology  is still a puzzle to developers.  In the spirit of figuring out what vPro Developers need, I went through our blogs and put together a collection of blogs here that might be helpful.

Note that I added all of Shmuel's 11 part series below.  His blogs range across most of our releases of Intel AMT and so there will be some information that may be dated, but still applicable to the older releases of Intel AMT.

If you are looking for information on this topic and the blogs below do not answer your questions, please post a comment and let us know what information you need.

First, are you here because you simply want updated Linux drivers? You can download them here (SLED 11).  If not, read on.

Here is an over-all picture of the architecture with regards to the ME and the AMT architecture:

(Ajay Mungara) High level overview of why and when Intel AMT requires the HECI/MEI driver and the LMS service. Note that this blog is circa 2007 and Intel AMT has gone through some architectural changes since then but this blogs provides a nice overview of the interaction of the driver and associated service that is required to be running.

Here is a handful of Shmuel Gerson's blogs about Intel AMT focused around the User Notification and the HECI/MEI/LMS/SOL components.

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