OpenMDTK - Improved Host Based Provisioning

Just a few days ago I released the first version of the Open Manageability Toolkit (OpenMDTK) with Intel AMT Host Based Provisioning support. Well, I just made a bunch of fixes and released a new version with improved support. For one, the user interface responds better, but the most important new feature in this release is that you can now un-provision Intel AMT back out of client mode. So now, you can provision and un-provision at will (well, almost, I hear Intel AMT has a limit within a certain time-span).

This first picture below shows the yellow indicator then client provisioning is an option and, when you click "setup" the wizard that is used to ask for and confirm the password. Very simple stuff. The second picture below show the "Intel ME Information" form. You can access this form from the help menu in Commander, or File menu in Outpost. It gives you the status of the management engine. If it's in client mode, there is an new "un-provision" button that shows up at the bottom of that form. Just click and you are done.

just remember that, both setup and un-provision in client more are available only if you run the tool in "administrator" mode. So, you can do "Run as administrator..." in Windows, if you removed the user security prompting. Ether way, it will make these options available on Intel AMT 6.1 or higher.

As always, feedback appreciated.

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