- Improved Timeline

A while back I was reading a forum post with someone saying that HTML tables where overused and that the <DIV> tag should be used instead for most cases. At the time, I did not understand, after all many web editing tools make it easy to create tables and set the properties correctly to make your user interface look just about right. But, as I got better with HTML and starting writing more of it by hand, <DIV> tags started to make a lot of sense. On the Apple iPad, DIV tags render better and you can place styles with much more control.

In any case, all this to say that with this new knowledge I updates the timeline view in In the past I used tables and the smallest element I could draw with 1% wide boxes or about 15 minutes in time. So the old view was an approximation of the true data in the database. It also was not very compact and generated a lot of HTML code. Now, I switched to DIV's and the width of each block is in pixels, making the view much more accurate.

I also added a hidden feature, you can move and hold your mouse on one of the timelines and your will see a tool tip box pop-up with the precise start and end time for this bar. Picture of the new timeline view below.

Also, I had released the audit log feature last week and forgot to correct to the user's account timezone... this is now fixes and so, the log always displays all log events in the user's local time.


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