- New remote task manager

A few weeks ago I released the first support for Windows Management Interface (WMI), at the time, you should type in direct queries but everything was not very end-user friendly and not elegant at all. Today, I just released version 1.51 of the mesh agent which will take about 24 hours to update all the computer. In this new agent I now support WMI method invocation which allows remote access to pretty powerful stuff. For example you can enumerate running processes, start and stop them.

So, I then added the first version of a remote task manager on When you go to the device page of a specific device, you will see a "tasks" link at the bottom of the page, this will bring up the web-based task manager. You need to have the remote computer powered on for this to work and it is only supported on Windows.

The other thing to note is that, when you launch a new application, it will launch it in the background system account. So you can remotely launch notepad, but your are not going to see it on the local desktop. This is something I can fix in the future, but for now, this is a limitation.

For quick an easy demo, you can launch notepad on the local desktop, head over to your iPad or anyt other web device and use Meshcentral to terminate notepad. Always very cool. Below, picture of the new web based remote task manager.


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