My favorite screen (this week) - another SCS 8 teaser

As I am the UI developer for SCS 8, and proud of it, I enjoy taking pride in my work as well as showing it off to others.
I am especially proud of the screen you can see below, and it also shows some of the small (and large) changes we made in SCS 8.
(Before I go any further - as we are still WIP, please please please understand that the screen you eventually get might look different than what I am now showing you.)
This screenshot comes for a scenario where - say a help-desk - wants to find the details of a certain machine. He enters a part of the FQDN (or IP or UUID), gets a list of systems that match his search. For each system he gets a short one-line description in one table, and in a reading pane below he can see full details. But look even closer - there are two links within that reading pane. One of them ("View Log") will lead to a display of all logs for that system. The other link will open a view of the profile used to configure that system.

So yes, I might be a little biased, but I think this design is very clean and allows you to easily find exactly what you are looking for.

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