- German Article

Just two days after spotting an article about on The Verge, I noticed some more traffic on the server and started looking around to see why. Well, I found another article on a German online publication, I am often confused for a German but, sadly, I dont' speak the language and can't ready it... well, can still pick up a few things here and there.

Also just a quick update to mention that I have been fixing bugs. One of them involved using some special characters in password that would cause the session to fail. I got that fixed today, if Meshcentral did not work for you today, I noticed the problem and fixed... sorry to that unlucky person, but thank you for finding the bug! I am also working on getting remote desktop working again on Mac OS X. I got the new agent working almost perfectly, I still have a glitch to fix. I am hoping to a release early next week. Ever since The Verge published the article with a Mac OS X screen shot, I saw the number of Mac clients go up a lot... making fixing that remote desktop feature a higher priority.


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