- Waking up computers

With this post, I want to cover how powers up sleeping computers. As many of you know, you can go on the web site, see all your computers and select one or many and remotely powered them off, reset them, etc. These operations are fairly simple, just tell the mesh agent to instruct the operating system to do the operation. The real magic comes when you want to wake a system back up. I use this operation myself to wake up my Microsoft Home Server which is set to go to sleep after an hour.

To remotely wake a computer, the web site can't just hop in a cab, go to the computer's location and press the power button... but almost all desktop computers sold in the last 10 years support "wake-on-lan", also know as the "magic packet". Your are very likely to have this on your computer if, when you power your computer down, your Ethernet port is still blinking. Meshcentral has two requirements to get wake working. You need another mesh computer on the same network powered on, and you need your computer to have wake-on-lan enabled.

The first requirement is required since, in order to get passed the home router, there needs to be a mesh agent acting as the relay. The relay node can be a full computer, a laptop, a plugpc, router or android device. As long as it runs the mesh agent and belong to your account, you are set. If you have more than one, even better.

The second requirement is also important since, by default Wake-on-LAN is often disabled. You may need to go into the BIOS and enable it, also in Microsoft Windows, go in the device manager, go in the properties of your network card, power management tab and enable it. I suggest also selecting "Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer" because if you don't any packet that hits a listening port with wake the computer (it's called wake on pattern) and it causes the computer of wake up too often.

Well, that is it. If you meet these two requirements, your computer will wake up, even from a full S5 power off using or the Meshcentral mobile application.

Have fun!

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