Software Tool Talk!

Hello everyone,

Where do you go to learn about the features of Intel Software Development Products?    Soon the answer to this question will be Tool Talk.   Let me tell you about a new program we are starting.   We are creating a new video series called Tool Talk.  I will host these episodes.   Each segment will be about 10 minutes long.  I will introduce a feature of one of the Intel Software Development Products and explain how to use it and what it does.   Feel free to add your comments or come over here to my blog and ask a question.    A week or two after I talk about and demonstrate a feature of Intel Software Development Products I will host one of the Intel lead engineers or architects to talk about the technology or what goes on underneath the hood when you exercise that option.   

The first session is already live!   View it here:  Tool Talk Episode 1 

In this first session I talk about threading for multi-core platforms with Intel® Cilk™Plus.   Using scalable threading abstractions such as Intel® Cilk™Plus or Intel® Threading Building Blocks is a much easier way to express parallelism and write maintainable code than it is to explictly create and manage threads on your own.    I can not cover everything so if you have a specific question post it here for me or come to the Software Product Forums and start a discussion.  Just select the Intel Software Products header and the appropriate section to begin a new thread. 

Let me know what topics/features you would like me to cover in a future episode.

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