5 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Business

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When using Twitter for business, you want to keep in mind that you’re building relationships. It’s a dance with people you can’t see and who may or may not end up being future customers or clients.

Here are 5 ways to use Twitter in order to build your company’s presence:

1 – Keep your ears open. Use Twitter Search to ‘listen’ for your company’s name, your competitors’ names, and keywords for your business. You can search via a specific Twitter handle (@Intel), regular name (Intel), or through hashtag terms (#techninnovation).

It’s a way to eavesdrop without being rude. Search allows you to stay on top of current trends, know the good and the bad of what people are saying about you, and deal with potential problems before they become major headaches.

2 – Have a personal touch for the company account. Show the Twitter handles of the real people who are posting for the company account. For example, the SAP (@SAP) profile says: The official Twitter feed of SAP. All Tweets by @SocialKev unless otherwise noted. It lets your audience know they’re having real conversations.

If you only list one name, makes sure to update the profile when responsibility shifts due to holidays, vacations, sick days, and so on.

3 – Keep self-promotion to a minimum. Focus the majority of your tweets on something other than talk about how great your company is. Share links to articles, websites, and videos applicable to your market. Retweet tweets that you find particularly helpful or insightful. Sharing goes a long way to building your audience, and it’s an easy way to keep getting your company out there in the twitterverse.

4 – Create excitement and enthusiasm by tweeting updates while at a company event or a company-sponsored event.  For instance, if your company is represented at a trade show, tweet about a speaker (John Smith from @CompanyA just shared the top 3 money making tips for mid-size businesses.) Tweet about big name presenters, share tips and information you receive from other attendees. Share highlights you find particularly exciting (Just had lunch with Jen Cruz of @MajorCorporation, new leads generated for both of us!)

Sharing updates at a large event can attract a lot of interest in your company, especially if the event uses a hashtag (#). Every time you Tweet out, include the hashtag symbol and your tweets will be seen by anyone searching on that tag. (Attending #CorpEvent2012, sold out crowd, great panels scheduled. Venue is spectacular.)

5 –  Keep the conversation going when someone tweets you or sends you a direct message. Sometimes it’s impossible to reply to everyone, but make an effort. Your responses to tweets get picked up in feeds and that’s more publicity for your company. Direct messages are private between you and the person on the other side of the conversation, but they may be more important that tweets.

Twitter is all about building relationships. Seek out people and companies you find interesting, intriguing, and inspiring. And likewise, by tweeting out helpful and engaging information and replying to tweets sent to you, people and businesses will connect with you and your audience will grow.

Do you already have a Twitter account? If so, share your Twitter handle so we can follow you! Let us know if you have any questions or additional Twitter tips to share.

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