- Full Screen Remote Desktop

After many requests, yesterday I finally looked at offering a new fullscreen feature for the web based remote desktop on As many of you already know, Meshcentral's agents have built-in remote desktop capability on Windows, MacOS and some variants of Linux. The remote desktop is build from the ground up to be web based, so a modern web browser can take control of the display, mouse and keyboard of a remote computer.

For a long time, the remote desktop on the web page would scale down the desktop image to fit the smaller width of the 960 pixel web pages Meshcentral uses, if you have a large screen on the local and remote machines, this was not great. Well, today there is a new full screen button on the remote desktop page and you can go into full screen. It's the same speed as before because it was always sending all of the data anyway, but you now get to see all that extra data.


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