Intel Software at AnDevCon

Thanks for attending our booth and keynotes. It was great meeting you!
Developers from all around the world visited our demos and learned about Android on the Intel Architecture. We had the chance of answering all kinds of questions about the Intel Developer Community for Android and of showing the valuable resources available on this site.

Developers visiting our booth in AnDevCon III

On our booth we had the chance to present a first-hand demonstration of Android apps running on Intel® Atom™ processor based devices. The x86 smartphones and tablets where there for any of the 1,200 android developers present in the conference to test.

The attendees showed great interest in our demonstration of the performance of an app on Android ICS using the Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM) and in seeing the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer (GPA) for Android in action.

Android on Intel Architecture demos

Hemanth Kumar, Ashok Emani, Rekha Raghu, Dave Valdovinos, Margaret LaBrecque and Josh Doss presented several keynotes educating about developing Android applications for Intel Atom processor-based tablets and smartphones, porting native libraries using x86 NDK, how to use the Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager, how the Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer for Android can help optimize graphics-intensive applications and more.

And within all of this we had the chance of receiving a friend that wouldn't miss this event for the world: our Intel Inside life-size Android character.

Intel Inside life-size Android character

Thanks for your interest and for sharing your passion. We hope to see you again soon!
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