Expanding to local Markets - Think Global, Act Local

A recent study by ABI Research states: Over 80% of Top iOS Apps in Japan, Germany, and France Are in Local Languages.

Locally-developed and well-translated content is the key to having mobile apps discovered by consumers. In Apple’s Japanese App Store, 87% of the ten highest-ranked apps in all 21 categories were available in Japanese, as of February. Germany (83%) and France (82%) were other markets where over four-fifths of the highest-ranking apps were available in the local languages. In China, Chinese-speaking apps accounted for 76% of the highest-ranked apps – with about half of them developed specifically for the local market. (ABI Research)

This is why I worked out the general localization possibilities and the potential value of localized applications, based on Intel predictions and numbers. First, what possibilities do developers have do localize (based on Intel AppUp developer program but surely others as well)

Localization possibilities

  • single - single language app with meta single meta data

  • (meta data only - app in English & different translated meta data) theoretically possible

  • partially translated - app partially translated & different translated meta data

  • fully translated - app & meta fully translated in different languages

  • fully localized (not possible with every application)

Looking at the Intel Total Available Market (TAM) by GEO for 2011 for the Mobile Segment computing devices (core note- & netbook) this means if you focus on English, only; you potentially loose a TAM for AppSales of 40+ million new device owners in major local countries. To come up with these values I mapped our sales numbers and predictions (MS&F Q3’11 Consolidation) for the following langues:

Potential local market 2011

  • .COM US, UK, ½ Canada 46,2+8,7+2,2=57,1 Million

  • .FR France, ½ Canada 9,1+2,2 = 11,3 Million

  • .DE Germany, Austria 9,5 +,8 = 10,3 Million

  • .ES Spain, Argentina, Mexico 4,3+3,3+4,7 =12,3 Million

  • .IT Italy 6,8 Million

To sum this up. Developers have the opportunity to meet new customers in strong and local markets. When you are a software developer or software company you leave out a lot of potential by not localizing and not translating.

To get your applications out to customers, use the localized Intel AppUp developer program to submit your apps for the Intel AppUp center.
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