9 Ways to Promote Your Software Demo

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An unwatched video is nothing short of a waste of time and money. So now that you’ve designed and created a video to showcase your software, how do you make sure that people actually see it?

The Internet and social media are there to help make sure your video is seen by as wide an audience as possible. Some effective ways to promote your work include:

    1. Create buzz around the video
    1. Have a contest which includes a comment section and on a certain date a randomly chosen commenter will receive a prize (giveaway). Include retweets and a Facebook like button with the video so that if people like what they see, they can pass the information to their followers.
    1. Notify blogs that talk about your video’s topic
    1. Let blog owners know that you’ve produced a video that will appeal to their specific audience (example, hardware, software). Blog owners are always looking for fresh and new material. If you can provide a short write-up on the video (pointing out the value the audience would get from watching it) and then provide a link to the video, there is a good chance that your post will be posted.
    1. Notify video blogs that collect videos on your topic
    1. There are some video blogs that simply aggregate videos on a particular subject. Email those sites and let them know that you video is available.
    1. Submit your video to a video-sharing site
    1. If you don’t have a YouTube account, get one established and then post all of your videos to that account. People search for videos using keywords so make sure that you’ve included relevant “tags” on your video which will help people find it.
    1. Also, create interest in upcoming topics, at the end of the video provide a short preview of topics that will be covered in the future.
    1. Facebook
    1. Announce the video on your company’s Facebook page. Have a catchy title, include what information is in the video and then provide the link so that people can immediately go to the video.
    1. Make it as easy as possible for people to find and watch your video.
    1. Twitter
    1. Tweet about your video and provide a direct link. Try asking for feedback on a related topic in order to get some give and take going with your audience. Example: “What features would you want to see in…?”
    1. LinkedIn
    1. Write an article or blog post that highlights your video and push it out through your LinkedIn groups.
    1. Company website
    1. Have an attention-grabbing graphic on your company’s website landing page linking directly to the video.
    1. Send out a press release
    1. Write the press release in “drop-in” format meaning that a busy writer should be able to use the information as is or with minimal editing. Make it easy for the writer and chances are he will run with the article. Announce your video, explain what the purpose of the video is and why people should watch it. Also don’t forget to include screen captures with your press release.

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If you've already created a game trailer or software demo, share it with us in the comments and let us know if you have any tips based on your experiences promoting it!

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