Ultimate Coder Week 3: Criticism Turns to Respect While Favorites Emerge

Week 3 has us mid-way through the developers’  work and we are seeing some struggle, and some find their way.  A lot is still to happen and from the Intel side I can say we really have had no idea what situation these developers would be in; whether we’d get any apps completed or if these apps would be done within a week’s time.  As the judges express this week, this is the real deal, none of these developers are not taking the easy way out.  For some the decisions and paths have worked out well, and for others there have been roadblocks.  But we are only half way through with a lot more work to happen as the work and polish is put on these apps.  One thing is for certain this week; the judges are seeing these developers in a new light and they are starting to connect with the work and efforts.  Here’s a break down of week three.

Lee: Lee provides us insight into his coding, with helpful tips for other developers who may follow in this path, such as explaining that Metro does not support runtime shaders. In the end Lee is doing the hard work for future developers putting much of what he discovers into his AppGame Kit tool, so other developers need not repeat the heavy lifting.  Lee also shows that he did what he promised last week and passed OpenGL commands to DirectX. An innovative milestone for sure.

Suresh: George and Suresh are answering last week's criticism of judges to put in Ultrabook features. They have well documented the touch gestures as well as Power Management features of their app

The amount of documentation these guys are pulling together could almost fill an O’Reilley book.  Not sure when they have time to do the development and UI work.  I suspect they may have also stumbled upon time travel.

Shailesh: Shailesh dives into a the Database features needed for BioIQ looking at Microsoft Windows 8 UI support for SQLlite.  He determines the LocalStorage feature will work for them but may not be ideal for the long haul.  They pass on their finding and code samples to the community.

John: John and the Soma Games team take time to discuss their technical decision having heard from the judges last week. They’ve determined Unity I the best engine for them, however support for the Windows 8 UI was only just announced last week. They are hoping to get a beta of this to support their app.  As well they discuss what it means to add Ultrabook features to their app, explaining their game is best suited to take advantage of the performance they will get on an Ultrabook. If you want to hear a good debate on the value of the keyboard in a casual game take note and take sides.

Sagar: The Shufflr team again struggles sensor support for the Windows 8 UI side of things, and decides to focus on less exotic sensor features like touch and accelerometer features to the UI and Design of their app.  The design is progressing and we hope the Shufflr team can get a break and find a way to make some of their earlier decisions work.

Andreas:Andreas also ran into his own technical issues while finding more success with the UI of his app, and moves further in leveraging the touch and layout styles for the modern Windows 8 UI look and feel.

Judges: This week the judges start to connect to each of these developers, relating to the work and grasping the struggle and challenge.

Steve: Steve does a good job reviewing the work but again appears to be impressed with Blue Innovations to the point of telling the other developers to take a look at what they are doing.  Meanwhile Steve posts his own video to show his experience with using an Ultrabook with touch and sensors…. In others words, take note developers, look like Steve is giving you a heads up on how he is going to judge your applications.

Chris: Chris mentions he has the Ultrabook like Steve, but doesn’t want to go too deep.  He wants to be surprised by the functionality of the app with the Ultrabook once the apps come his way.  Chris, a developer himself, appears to be connecting with Lee’s work and posts.  He seems to connect with the level of work and choices Lee is making to solve technical gaps by creating his own solutions. Chris recognizes and empathizes with Sagar’s team not getting features to work, realizing these pre-production systems may not yet have all the drivers needed for to leverage every function perfectly.

Helena: Helena is realizing that the work and challenge is very eal here. Helena sees that George and Suresh are “having the most luck” and making the most progress with a beta version of the app ready for testing and input, while Sagar and Andreas seem to have the worst run of luck and roadblocks. In the end Helena and the Chip Chick team realize that each developer is taking on a new set of challenges not to just port apps but in many ways totally reinventing thm for the Ultrabook.

Jon: Jon gives us some perspective on Windows 8, what it means for the industry, and what challenges it brings Microsoft and the developer ecosystem with a host of new APIs to support a brand new Windows Experience.  Jon recognizes the challenge with Lee’s work where Lee makes the decision to remove a number of old APIs. Jon also sees Blue Innovations making the most progress in their app and leveraging Ultrabook features.  But in the end Jon is connecting with the Soma Games team finding their weekly video posts personal and effective. 

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