- IDF day 1 - Intel Remote Wake

The Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is in full swing and I can now say, is being used in the Advanced Technology Zone on the 2nd floor to show Intel Remote Wake technology. This is technology that allows computers to be worken up from sleep over the Internet. already supports Wake-on-LAN (WOL), but you need one computer already powered on and meshed on the network in order to wake another one on the same network segment. With Intel Remote Wake Technology, the computer sends packets at periodic interval to an Intel server. This allows the server to send a wake packet back when needed. So, even if the machine is alone behind a router and sleeping, this technology allows to wake it up when needed.

There is also an interesting side effect of the technology, can keep track of sleeping machines on the power state timeline. Normally a single machine behind a router that is sleeping will not show up on and so, the state will be shown as "Unknown". With Intel Remote Wake technology, Meshcentral can see that the computer is sending it's periodic packets and so, we know it's sleeping and avaialble to be woken up when needed.

Below are pictures from the demo. We are showing off a desktop with Intel Remote Wake Technology along with Meshcentral on a tablet and phone monitoring and managing the power state of the PC remotely. If you happen to be at IDF, come check it out!


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