Intel Cloud Services Platform Private Beta

January, 2014: The Intel® Cloud Services Platform beta has concluded. Please see for more information.


After nearly a year, I’m pleased (really, I’m quite chuffed) to announce the beta availability of our first release of the Intel Cloud Services Platform, a collection of developer-centric, identity-based cloud services. What we’re calling wave 1, focuses on three foundational services: Identity, Location and Context.

The Cloud Services Platform Beta is designed from the whiteboard up – with you, an awesome developer, in mind – with affiliated services that help make rich interoperability not just a possibility, but a normal way of doing things.

For a few years now we’ve been hearing, with increasing intensity, that our users want apps, services and experiences that are truly cross platform. By definition, they want transparent experiences that seamlessly span devices, operating systems, stores and even ecosystems. But the reality is, this is still Very Hard To Do.

With this beta, we want to give you the key building blocks to help make it easier to build those kinds of experiences. We want you to carry your users across devices, operating systems and platforms. We want this to be not just easy to code but also easy to run, maintain and manage. We’re putting you at the center of everything we’re doing.

Back in September at  the Intel Developer Forum , Renée James, SVP and general manager of the Software and Services Group, outlined her vision for transparent computing— the notion of technology being a more integral and more invisible part of everyone's life. Renée spoke about the three foundational pillars of transparent computing: a cross-platform language, a cloud services platform and robust security.

While the first three services are available today in private beta, Intel has a multi-year vision to continue to develop these services and build additional ones based on your feedback and contribution. With this beta, we will apply Intel’s extensive expertise and research in cloud computing towards building a flexible, interoperable cloud service platform. Interested in helping us build it from the ground up? Contact our awesome support team here and someone will contact you within 2 business days.

We have limited seats, so please respond early. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your participation in helping us build a cloud services platform that works best for you. You can also find me on twitter (@PNBLive).

I’m super excited for you to try these services, give us feedback on the features, functionalities, documentation and more. This whole “changing everything so stuff works” doesn’t work if, well, it doesn’t work.

Thanks, Peter

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