Intel® AMT: WSMAN Interface is replacing the SOAP(EOI) Interface

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A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog letting our developers know that soon the proprietary Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) (EOI) interface was in the process of being replaced by the more standard WSMAN interface.  Since AMT 3.2 when we first started seeing WSMAN APIS in the Intel AMT SDK, we have been slowly deprecating SOAP APIs first in the SDK, then in the FW in order to give developers time to make the change.  The SDK Documentation offers the following statement:  From Release 3.2, Intel AMT adds WS-Management as a management layer over SOAP. From Release 6.0, SOAP is deprecated and will no longer support new Intel AMT features. 

We are currently at release is 8.1 and we are rapidly approaching the time when all SOAP APIs will have been removed from not only the Intel AMT SDK, but also the FW.  This has serious implications for any management consoles developed for the older versions of AMT, still using the SOAP APIs:  These management consoles will not work on the latest Intel AMT hardware.

For a full list of deprecated APIs relevant to Intel AMT generation over generation, please take a look at the Deprecated and Deleted Features section in the Intel AMT SDK Documentation.

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