HackPHX HTML5 Hackathon Baby Apocalypse

The Mesa Hackerspace HeatSync Labs was the venue on Sat Dec 1st for an HTML5 Gaming Hackathon.  Nine teams with 3 developers each competed for a judges prize and a developers prize consisting of three 7 in. Nexus Tablets and three 10 in. HP Tablets donated by the sponsors Enyo. I'd also personally like to thank the motley crew in the photo below, They are the HeatSyncLab team and the IcedDev crew who ran the hackathon, ran the livestream, organized the free food and drinks, and made it a great day.


After a quick overview of the rules, and a demo of some simple concepts and example from Luis Montes of @IcedDev the teams were set loose for over 10 hours of JavaScripting.

There's a flickr set with photo's thoughout the day if you want to see the somewhat cramped conditions, including the great food from our other sponsors, the local Jimmy Johns and Cucina di Vita restaurants

If you click on this bit.ly link you can read some of the team members tweets and some honest commentary about the resulting games.  Overall I was very impressed with the quality of the games, and the concepts and graphics.  I've very little JavaScript experience, but I came away with a much better understanding of the Cloud9 IDE, and several decent examples I adapted myself to display strips of images to simulate the tumbling rocks in Asteroids. Thanks to my team mates I now have a much greater respect for those people who can succesfully use Git.

But what about the games? Eight of the nine teams had something that would "run" for the judges and the screenshots below show some of these efforts. If you click on any of the images it will open up a seperate window in your browser where you can run the game.  You will get the best effects if you use Chrome, but Firefox should work. I highly recommend clicking through to the games as at least one team has continued development, and even replaced their generic box outlines with crates and diamonds. 

And the winner is... 

Any game that relies on kicking babies and that had the working title Baby Hockey is destined to be the people's choice, especially after we've been cooped up coding all day long. It received the most laughs, applause, and was definitely in bad taste, all great ingredients for a succesful game.  Honorable mention goes to the gnomes, as that was the judges choice, as it showed the most complete features of a game including a start and end screen and even scoring.  Enjoy the games, download the code, and improve upon them. Disclaimer :you will be leaving the intel site when you click on these links, and Intel is not responsible for the content at these sites, and having met these developers I can honestly say that most of them are not responsible either.

Stay tuned for news of the Arduino HackPHX event coming up in early 2013

Stewart Christie is the HTML5 Community Manager, you can follow him on twitter @intel_stewart

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