MoneyBag App Puts Money Management at Your Fingertips

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For those with the Midas touch and those who are still turning things to silver or bronze, money management is the most important skill for financial well-being. Money management goes beyond balancing your bank accounts.  It involves setting goals, creating lists, and synching transactions across platforms. It’s become a lot more complicated than the old-fashioned methods handled by a calculator, pencil or bank book.

To answer this need, there is the award-winning Blue Innovations PC app MoneyBag PRO, which takes all of the complications of money management and simplifies them. Available in the Intel AppUp® center, MoneyBag PRO lets users enter transactions, categorize tasks, and apply custom themes and settings, and then synch all of this activity in the cloud so they can share money management duties with others.

For George Christopher, co-founder of Blue Innovations, money management presented an opportunity: “People don’t know how money comes in and out of their lives. It was too complicated to keep track. We built MoneyBag PRO to help simplify their financial lives so they’d have more control.”

With simplicity and ease of use in mind, Blue Innovations set out to create an app in which almost all of the functionality is on a single screen. All of the features are highly customizable from the interface, to editing transactions and the locations where the transactions occurred. “We want people to be able to customize their experience. It’s their money, it should be their app,” Christopher said.

MoneyBag PRO also takes advantage of the cloud with features like seamless integration with Evernote, viewing and sharing transactions on any device and integration with DropBox. “People are no longer sitting at their kitchen table once a week and balancing the checkbook. People are trying to fit in money management while they ride the bus, or have a few moments before an appointment. MoneyBag PRO allows people to manage their money in the time that they have available to them,” Christopher said.

The team at Blue Innovations has its eye on touch integration for use with the Ultrabook™. “We’ve been trying out the Ultrabook and we’re excited about the possibilities. Touch control creates a more personal experience for a user. MoneyBag PRO is all about personalizing the experience. Touch control will give us additional ways to create a personal experience,” Christopher said.  

To begin creating your personalized money management experience, download the MoneyBag PRO app from the Intel AppUp center. It’s compatible with Windows* 8 and Windows* 7.

Their proprietary “Rapid Development Framework” helps Blue Innovations develop applications more than 10 times faster than conventional means by assembling prebuilt components rather than developing from scratch. The company was awarded the Most Valuable Developer award from the Intel AppUp® developer program. Blue Innovations is an Intel® Software Partner

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