Intel Android* at MWC 2013: Asus Unveils Atom-powered ‘Fonepad’

The already blurry line between larger and larger mobile phones and smaller and lighter tablets has now become even fuzzier with Asus’s announcement this week of the “Fonepad,” a 7-inch Android * tablet powered by an Atom™ Z2420 processor platform. Yes, it’s a tablet that makes phone calls. Call it a “phablet.”

Asus’s new Fonepad is a tablet that can make phone calls, thanks to Intel Atom mobile technology.

Shaking things up even more, Asus also this week released something called the Padfone—a 5-inch Android phone that can be slipped into the back of a full-sized slate, turning it into a tablet.

“The Padfone and the Fonepad have basically signaled that we have reached a tech singularity,” Extreme Tech said, only half-jokingly. “Our tablets can make phone calls, and our phones can become tablets.”

One other big selling point? Price. Just $249 gets you a phone and a tablet.

Intel SMG leader Tom Kilroy and ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih show the ASUS Fonepad at Intel's pavilion Monday evening.

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