Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge Phase 1: The Winners!

The Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge is an ongoing contest meant to encourage fantastically innovative apps that take advantage of everything that perceptual computing has to offer. Using the (free!) Perceptual Computing SDK and the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera Kit, developers are able to show off their ideas, spark future imagination, and maybe even take a few prizes home from the $1 million dollars’ worth of cash and promotions offered.

The contest is in two distinct parts: Phase 1 with a total of USD $185K in cash prizes (closed on February 20, 2013), and Phase 2, following in March 2013 with more than USD $800k in prizes. Developers built many fantastic entries for Phase 1 of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge, and were competing for a Grand Prize of USD $20k each. One thousand participants from eleven different countries participated in this Challenge, with over one hundred prototypes submitted for judging. Four distinct categories were up for app submission: Productivity, Perceptual Gaming, Creative User Interface, and Multimodal. Over one hundred prototypes were received for judging within these four categories, and many of these can be viewed at the Intel Perceptual Computing Showcase. Wthout further ado, here are the Grand Prize Winners in Phase 1 of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge!

Grand Prize Winners Phase 1

Mystic Blocks – Matthew Hoban - United Kingdom

This intriguing puzzle game takes a steady hand, quick reactions, and a good memory! Players are presented lock and a key, and must rotate the key with hand gestures until the correct match for the approaching locks are found. The tricky part comes the second time around, since the shapes of the approaching locks are hidden – you have to remember the correct sequence! Players can alter the view to get a closer look at what is approaching by moving their heads side to side or up and down.

  • Usage Modes: close-range depth tracking, facial analysis
  • Specs: AGK (App Game Kit) by TGC (The Game Creators), Tier 2 C++ library for rendering
  • Tools: Visual Studio 2010, Adobe Photoshop, 3D World Studio (Leadwerks)

JOY – Lin Yunfan - China

JOY is the first ever Perceptual Music and Visual Playing (PVMP) musical instrument. The performer is able to take control of a wide variety of different musical mixes, solo play, sound effects, pitch, and other various visual effects and musical modalities simply by changing their gestures, distance, depth, and altitude of their hands in front of the Intel Perceptual Camera.

  • Usage Modes: close-range depth tracking
  • Specs: Unity 3D engine with NGUI plug-in, Autodesk MAYA for animation
  • Sound track editing using Protools HD and Logic Pro

Magic Doodle Pad – Matthew Pilz - United States

Indulge your inner artist with this interactive art canvas! With a wave of your hand and a swoosh of your fingers, the empty slate is transformed into an art piece. Every feature is accessible using simple hand gestures, and the drawing canvas itself can be used with both hands simultaneously. The prototype comes with twelve original brushes, eleven vibrant colors, a special plasma rainbow effect, eight-way symmetry drawing capabilities, and an interactive gallery.

  • Usage modes: close-range depth tracking
  • Specs: 32-bit version of Processing 2 (powered by Java)
  • Original code and media

On To Phase 2!

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to all who entered! The first phase of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge is now completed, and the next phase is about to kick off! For more information, check out the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge contest page and sign up to be alerted when the next challenge begins. In addition, please visit the Intel Perceptual Computing Showcase, where you can view all the winners and app submissions along with highlights from Phase 1 of the contest.



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