Phase 2 of the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge is Now Open!

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to spark developers to new heights of innovation. Beginning on May 6, coders all over the world will have the chance to forge new ground by integrating voice control, gesture control, facial recognition, and augmented reality within PC apps in Phase 2 of the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge.

A grand prize of $100,000 USD is up for grabs in this Challenge, along with thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes in four different categories.   Outstanding developers and applications using this technology also get the chance to be showcased at industry events and be marketed together with Intel’s new computing platforms. This competition is about pushing the edges of technology, and Intel® is on the lookout for the most amazing, innovative, boundary-pushing apps that show off what Perceptual Computing is all about.   

About the Challenge

There are two separate parts to this contest:

Part 1: Send a detailed proposal of what you’re planning for the contest and how your app will leverage the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK.   Tell us how you plan to develop this application, and submit it by June 17, 2013 in order to be in the running. If the panel of judges finds your idea to be truly outstanding, than you’ll progress into Part 2, where you’ll receive a Creative* Interactive Gesture Kit that will help you turn your idea into a reality. Only 750 applicants will be selected, so make your submission count! Note: an idea must be submitted into Part 1 in order to continue to Part 2, the development phase, of this contest.

Part 2: This is where the rubber meets the road. The development phase of the Challenge is about making that perceptual computing idea a reality, using the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK to create a jaw-dropping app demo that will impress the judges. You’ll have seven weeks to create an application demo; this should include an executable file, YouTube video, image, and application profile form in order to be considered.

How to Enter

Starting May 6, 2013, interested developers can visit  Using an email address, Facebook, or Google+ account, potential challengers can easily register for the contest.

There are four separate categories that coders can choose from when submitting their app:

  • Perceptual gaming: Perceptual computing integrated into gaming is a win-win. Push the technology envelope with innovative features that take game playing to the next level.
  • Open innovation: It’s time to break the mold of traditional computing models. What can you do with the Perceptual Computing SDK that will accomplish this?
  • Creative user experience: Create ways for users to interact with apps using any combination of perceptual computing usage modes (finger and hand tracking, speech recognition, facial analysis, 2D/3D object tracking, or single usage mode) in order to create an innovative user experience.
  • Productivity: How can you use perceptual computing to enhance a user’s ability to complete a task?

Once you’ve selected a category, you can enter as many times as you’d like. Submit your idea by June 17th and if your idea is selected, than you’ll receive the Creative* Gesture Kit in the mail for the next step of the competition.

What judges will be looking for

The competition is going to be fierce in this Challenge, so make sure you stand out. A few things to keep in mind that will help you rise above the opposition:

  • Your idea proposal is your one shot to become a finalist. Get familiar with the SDK, spend time on your idea, and make it count.
  • Think about what you want to include in your application demo. Make sure it’s top-notch quality, good enough to be showcased both at events and online.
  • Perceptual computing is all about pushing the boundaries of what we’re already familiar with. Applications that utilize perceptual computing features to create experiences that have never been seen before – that’s what judges will be looking for.

Check out the Beta Showcase Applications or the showcase of winners from Phase One of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge to get an idea of what’s already been done.   Raise the bar by submitting an even better idea proposal and application demo.

What can I win?

Perceptual computing is a rapidly developing field and this contest offers you the chance to be one of the leaders. Check out these prizes:

ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: $100,000 USD + $50,000 in Marketing and Development Consultations for the Ultimate Perceptual Computing Application Demo!

Within each category:

One (1) First Place Prize of $75,000 + $12,500 in Marketing and Development Consultations each 

Three (3) Second Place Prizes of $10,000 each

Twenty (20) Third Place Prizes of $5,000 each

It’s not just about the prizes!

In addition to competing for the prize winnings, developers who submit particularly outstanding applications will be recognized by Intel. This could include becoming an ambassador for Intel® Perceptual Computing, participating in industry events like GDC or IDF, along with the chance to polish your demo and bring it to market. There are plenty of potential opportunities to get your apps to the marketplace along with thousands of dollars for finalists who submit early.

Do you have the next big idea in perceptual computing?

Developers all over the world will be participating in this Challenge, forging new pathways in the field of perceptual technology, doing things that have literally never been seen before. Are you one of these elite coders? Do you have an idea that could potentially change the way that we use our computers? Show the world what you’re made of – submit your idea proposal in the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge today for prizes, recognition, and a front seat to the future of how we use technology. 

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