Application Development Hackletics has Ignited

It is very exciting to be on the verge of helping lead a two week application development. It is something of a perfect storm. We have many Hackletic Poobahs helping. Of course, Paul Steinberg, architect of the Code for Good Hackathons. We also have Brad Hill, an Intel HTML5 expert who has helped run each hackathon. We have six of my students, all involved with past hackathons.

It is going to be interesting to spread the contiguous hackathon hours over a two week period and help new students create a working app.

In case you might like to follow along from home, below are resources we advocate. More good stuff to follow.
  • Oriented for mobile, gaming, and business developers
  • Leads to boatloads of other resources
  • Resource lists tailored to dpecific HTML5 features
  • Tutorials, Examples, and Quizzes, oh my!
  • HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, php, and XML
  • Good drill down on the above stuff
  • Design and design issues
  • Exemplary web sites
  • Loves CSS
  • Even if you don't like coke
  • Pretty good effect
  • Intel's HTML5 Playground
  • Put HTML5 in upper window, results shows immediately in lower window
  • I used it to prepare this post
  • Like Intel's HTML5 playground
  • Allows complex HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes
  • Really cool tags page provides examples tied to a specific tag
Students are involved in an ideation process this week with master entrepeneur, Henrik Scheel. It will be delightful to see the carefully thought out strategies and solutions that await us. 


Life is good.
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