- Run your own on Amazon!

For people following work on Meshcentral, this day has been a long time coming. Today we are announcing that we started making Meshcentral available for hosting on Amazon EC2. Computer administrators anywhere now have a choice of using or launch their very own instance of Meshcentral on Amazon. They get control over the management data, user accounts and more. With many other online service, you have to use servers you don’t control and give up your data to someone else. Now, with this new option, you’re launching your own Meshcentral instance and take all of the control back, enabling a truly personal and secure cloud of devices.

Right now, we are making a free instance of Meshcentral available publically on Amazon with a 10 device management limit. This instance can run on the smallest Amazon instance, the “t1.micro”. Users new to Amazon AWS can run a t1.micro instance for 1 year for free, and so, many can try their own Meshcentral instance completely free of change. We have made amazing efforts to make Meshcentral fit on such a small virtual machine.

Even in such a tight virtual machine, Meshcentral instances packs loads of features: in-band web based remote desktop, terminal, file access, remote power control, audit logs, web page relay, TCP relay, mesh messaging, remote WMI, WiFi location, Intel AMT cloud provisioning, Intel AMT control, wide OS/CPU support and much more. When you launch a Meshcentral instance, fresh updated software is downloaded from and installed. Instances are always kept updated as new mesh features are added thanks to our unique Platform Manager software, that keeps track of signed software packages and deploys updates to all Amazon instances.

To get startedwe have documentation that includes a quick start guide, along with a YouTube tutorial video. Takes about 5 minutes to launch the instance and 15 to 20 minutes for the instance to set itself up. Instances create new certificates and cryptographic keys upon first launch so each Meshcentral instance is unique and secure. Give it a try, and give us feedback.


Use a Meshcentral Amazon instance to create a truly personal cloud.
Run your own small business online management console.

Mesh Amazon Instances are setup and kept up to date from

The all new online Mesh Settings Editor allows administrators to configure the Mesh Server online.
(You can even change IIS security and certificates, we restart and reconfigure IIS automatically)

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