How Medical Students are Using Notebooks

Medical students are often faced with dense medical textbooks, mounds of paper, demanding learning schedules and much more. Yet with portable notebooks and tablets, medical students have been able to consolidate and better organize their school activities.

The Howard University College of Medicine has seen the benefits of computers in medical school by providing tablet PCs to its students. The school wanted to reduce what students had to carry by consolidating and better organizing learning materials. Plus, the school wanted to better engage students by “increasing the level of learning through interactive annotation while making observation and study time more meaningful.”

The college found that its medical students realized numerous benefits including: 

  • Students carry far less paper and texts as learning materials are consolidated in one manageable location.
  • Professors provide lecture notes and presentation materials in PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office formats which can be easily annotated with digital ink to maximize comprehension.
  • Students work collaboratively on lab assignments, using multiple media to best advantage.
  • Students adopt Tablet PC technology readily, preparing them for leadership roles in medicine.

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