IDF2013 - Recap

Well, IDF2013 is over and what a run! As a speaker, before going to IDF here is a lot of work done to get the presentation content ready and do a lot of rehersal and so, you don't get to work as much on your projects. Now, I can move my focus back on and tools. Thank you to everyone who attended my presentations, it's been a pleasure once again. For people who could not attend, the presentation slides are available for download. – Using Intel® AMT and Intel® Smart Connect Features From the Cloud.
SFTL003: Using Intel® AMT and Intel® Smart Connect Features From the Cloud

This said, people attending my presentations know I am one of the odd speakers that I don't actualy show much of the slides at all. I do go thru the trouble making the slides so people can download them and one or two of them gets used in the presentation, but that is it.

I mashed up a bunch of the IDF2013 video footage into this clip on Youtube below. Nothing fancy, but it's now part of my personal video collections. Now, it's back to work and there are a few very interesting features that are coming up soon for, so I will be blogging again shortly



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