- Now with Chrome OS* support in "Developer mode"

I am constantly on a quest to add support for more devices and this week I got one more... Chrome OS*! Now, it's not official support really, what I did was put my x86 based Google Chromebook* in developer mode and then fixed up the Linux/x86 mesh agent so it could run on it. So, this is only for people that are developers of know what they are doing. It took me a while to figure out how to get it going, but here are the basic steps:

  • Remove the battery under the Chromebook and toggle the switch to the other position to enable developer mode.
  • Turn the computer on, press CTRL-D at the error mesage, follow instructions it will take a few minute.
  • Once booted again, hit CTRL-D again and you will be at the desktop... the device is basicaly "rooted".
  • Press CTRL-ALT-T to enter the console.
  • Type "shell" and "sudo sh" to login as root.
  • Type a few commands to re-mount the file system in read/write mode. (You can Google this part).
  • In, "My Account" and "Install". Select the Mesh and Linux/x86 agent and cut & paste the script into the terminal.

That is it. I have not looked at adding the Mesh Agent so it can auto-start yet. I need to work on that. I did a video showing that Meshcentral with Chrome OS looks like.



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