4th Generation Intel® vPro™ Platform Technologies

This blog will describe the following Intel® vPro Technologies:
  • Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel ITP) with PKI
  • Intel® vPro™ Technology with Location Based Service (LBS)
  • Intel® Pro Wireless Display (WiDi)


The 4th Generation Intel vPro Platforms address the following frustrations and concerns:

  • Do you have too many passwords to remember?  Are you concerned about if your information is really secure? Do you resort to really easy passwords that you can remember them?  If yes, then you will want to learn more about Intel ITP with PKI.
  • Tired of carrying cords everywhere?  Can't find the cord that you need?  Is there no easy way to share your screen?  If yes, then Intel Pro WiDi is something you might want to know more about.
  • Having trouble tracking down your devices?  Then you might be interested in learning about Intel Location Based Services on Intel vPro Platforms.

What is Intel ITP with PKI?

Intel IPT with PKI provides access point protection via a public key infrastructure (PKI). Many enterprises are already using PKI to protect their access points.  Now they can benefit from Intel IPT with PKI which embeds a PKI certificate in the chipset, similar to the "One Time Password" credential.  This provides a hardware-level security that can replace the traditional smart card or token storage options.  

Intel IPT provides a simple way for web sites and enterprises to validate that a user is logging in from a trusted PC.  The Intel ITP software is supported on all IPT-capable systems based on the Intel® 6 Series chipset. See ipt.intel.com for more details on supported PCs. You can download the Intel IPT software here.

 For certain Intel Desktop Boards, Intel IPT requires certain BIOS versions to be installed prior to use:
  • DP67BA, DP67DE: download and install BIOS 0067 or later
  • DQ67SW, DQ67OW, DQ67EP: download and install BIOS 0052 or later
  • DH61BE, DH61CR, DH61DL, DH61WW: download and install BIOS 0023 or later
  • DB65AL: download and install BIOS 0052 or later

What is Intel vPro with Location Based Services?

Intel has joined forces with AeroScout*, a leader in Location Based Services to deliver a Wi-Fi based indoor location service for Intel-based devices (4th Generation).  There are two indoor location use-cases  that are part of the MobileView software and AeroScout* has made the Software Development Kit available also.

  • Find Near Me:  This usage finds people and assets (conference rooms, printers, etc) that are near a person using mobile search screen and Intel LBS.
  • Enterprise IT Asset Management: This is the integration of MobileView and a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) that allows the efficient management of the lifecycle of capital assest across the enterpise.  

What is Intel Pro Wireless Display?

Intel Pro WiDi brings the capability of Intel WiDi into the business environment.  It allows users to show content from tablets, Ultrabook™ devices, and 2-in-1 devices on their conference-room displays without the hassle of wired connections.  Intel Pro WiDi also brings enhanced security and IT manageability made possible by 4th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors.

Intel WiDi supports the multi-display usages familiar to business users and follows the Miracast* Industry Standards.  Intel Pro Widi offers the following:
  • User Experience: Connects quickly, wirelessly, provides an easy hand-off to the next presenter and helps avoid sensitive content exposure by displaying a "Now Projecting" visual confirmation before it displays.
  • Security: it isolates WPANs (blocks bridging to corporate WLAN and it prevents PC-to-PC access to data via WPAN.
  • Manageability: provides remote manageability for clients via the Intel Wi-Fi IT Admin Tool.  Allows for controlling the network utilization by limiting bandwidth allocated to WiDi to balance performance and traffic.  Receivers can be named and idle screens are customizable.
For software developers who wish to design applications using Intel Pro Widi, there is a WiDi Extensions Library for Windows*7 and 8 applications and there are Operating System interfaces for device connections in Windows 8. There are 4 downloads that are part of the Intel Pro Wireless Display (the first 3 steps are required):
  • Step1:  Update Intel Graphics Driver
  • Step2:  Update Intel Wireless Driver
  • Step3:  Install the latest Intel WiDi software
  • Step4:  Install the Intel WiDi Widget
Hopefully, the above information will provide enough information to get developers started on implementing solutions using these new technologies.  

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