Teachers are Using Technology More than Ever

Digital technologies have become a critical part of a teachers’ teaching and professionalization, according to a survey of teachers who instruct American middle and secondary school students. The survey by Pew Internet and Life found that more teachers than ever are taking advantage of the Internet and new digital mediums to assist in their instruction. Findings include:

  • 69% say the Internet has a “major impact” on their ability to share ideas with other teachers
  • 67% say the Internet has a “major impact” on their ability to interact with parents and 57% say it has had such an impact on enabling their interaction with students

The study also found that mobile technology has become central to the learning process, with 73% of teachers saying that they and/or their students use their cell phones in the classroom or to complete assignments. Also, 45% of teachers use e-readers and 43% use tablet computers in their classrooms to complete assignments.

 More than half (62%) say their school does a “good job” supporting teachers’ efforts to bring digital tools into the learning process, and 68% say their school provides formal training in this area.

Yet teachers are still playing catch-up with their students when it comes to digital technologies. The survey found 42% of surveyed teachers say their students usually know more than they do when it comes to using new digital technologies. Plus, only 18% feel they know more than their students. 


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