Jeff's Notebook: Online Banking with Two-Factor Authentication Security

As online banking has become a predominate and normal way of conducting much of our personal banking, security has become ever more important.  We want to know that our bank is protecting our money, our accounts and our financial information from those “bad guys” out there.  One of the key methods that banks and other business use is two-factor authentication for a client to use when they log into the website and their accounts.  That usually means 1) something you know, ie., your user name and password and 2) something have or can provide, ie. a secret code from a security token, a code sent via SMS to your mobile phone, verifying a cookie on your PC and since 2011, a secret code from Intel Identity Protection Technology built into all Ultrabooks and the latest PCs with Intel processors.

Some banks in Europe and the Middle East that have used the SMS or token method of two-factor authentication with their online banking customers in the past, have recently began to offer Intel Identity Protection Technology as another method of authentication. Here’s a good animation that shows how the use of Intel Identity Protection Technology for two-factor authentication login can be more convenient and faster than the SMS text message method.  View the animation.

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