Developer Demos to Look Forward To At Mobile World Congress: Part 1

Next week, February 24-27, thousands of technologically minded people from all around the world will be congregating in Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress. This year the Intel Developer Zone is pleased to be showcasing our community of developers at MWC. We’re excited to showcase and discover talent from developers who excel at creating quality applications or early innovation around new Intel products.  While we will certainly be showing a number of name brand demos, we also want to spotlight these up and coming developers.  For more information and demo schedules, visit

Digital comic book series with Leti Games

Leti Arts will be offering a look at their amazing digital comic series for Android (Windows coming soon) based on African history. One of these is titled “The True Ananse”:

The True Ananse is an exciting digital comic book series and mobile game reimagining the ancient tale of the African trickster god.

Caught in a web of lies and deceit, Kweku Ananse was cast from the realm of immortals and imprisoned on Earth.  For centuries he has brooded, plotting his return to the heavens, until one unsuspecting boy crosses his path.”

Try on virtual jewelry with AR Jewelry

If you’ve ever gazed at a piece of jewelry online and wondered what it would look like on you, now here’s your chance. AR Jewelry is an interesting Windows* 8 app from developer Serhiy Posokhin, winner of the Intel App Innovation Contest in the Retail category, that provides a way for consumers to instantly connect with online retailers in a much more intuitive fashion. Check out this demo video:

Monitor your health with My Health Assistant

How do you remember all the health information that you need on a daily basis? If you’re finding this difficult to manage, developer Timothy Corey has a solution for you with My Health Assistant. All scheduled medications are tracked and displayed, with “as needed” meds (i.e., aspirin) tracked as well, with time available until you can take your next dose safely. This Windows 8 app also logs everything in a convenient journal, including food, mood, weight, how you slept, etc., with the option to generate reports from this data. One more extra convenient feature: this app stores all your insurance data so you don’t have to dig for it. Watch the video demo below:

Write beautiful music with One Touch Notation

If you’re a composer, you will love One Touch Notation (Windows 8) from developer Dmitriy Golovanov. This musical notation notation software is great for musicians, and since the development team includes composers, music teachers, vocalists, pianists, music technology specialists, and more, you know that it’s going to be good. This interface is meant for anyone who is just barely reading music all the way up to orchestral compositions, and it’s absolutely fascinating to watch the musical demos in action (see the video below):

Navigate Bing Maps with SensiGator

This Windows 8 app from developer Bryan Brown offers sensory-based navigation for Bing maps, combining touch and sensor-based controls for a user experience similar to gliding in an aircraft over geography. SensiGator taps into the tablet’s Inclinometer, Gyrometer, compass, Orientation, and geolocator sensor data to provide real time navigation control. Basic navigation can also be controlled using Bing Maps built in touch capability. SensiGator is intended to promote the learning of basic navigation and geography concepts through an immersive computer experience.  See the demo below:

Get going with Big Mountain Snowboarding

Goldenhammer Software gives us all the chance to go snowboarding with their Android app:

“Ride 16 huge trails each featuring a real mountain feel. Race to the bottom, slalom between the gates, or rack up big points with spins and grabs. / Each trail is a different challenge with multiple ways down the mountain. Features trick parks, race courses, and big mountain cliffs. Tilt to turn, lift to jump, and touch the screen to grab your board or to tuck.”

The gameplay is certainly impressive – but where’s the hot chocolate at the end?Oh, well.  Watch the video:

Get even better with Beautify

This Android app from Uncut Audio is basically a dream come true for those of us who have unflattering photos out there:

“Create the most flattering possible photo for Facebook, Twitter, or online dating sites. Beautify will automatically find a face in a photo, detect its features, and give you an instant makeover. Additionally, the complexion control lets you accurately match your skin tone, or experiment with tanning and lightening. Beautify will help you to look good and project the image that you want to create. It uses the latest facial attractiveness technology to enhance your portrait photos. It does so by analyzing the face to locate features such as eyes, nose and mouth; and compares this with a model derived from the world's most attractive people. It applies these characteristics to your photos and yet retains all the features that make a person unique. The result is usually a pleasing improvement with better skin tone, brighter eyes, lips and teeth and enhanced facial symmetry.”

Retro Gaming with Super Androix

This 8-bit jump and run Android game from ExtraAndroary offers retro graphics with a touch of Super Mario.  Giana Sisters, and Jumpman gameplay.. All worlds are generated randomly; you won't get the same one twice. Watch the demo below:

Lonestars Arcade Shooter

 "Lonestars" is an arena shooter in which you have to survive waves of vegan zombies and mecha-carrots. The world will fall if you fail. Survive as an elite-squad, the lonestars, trained to kill. Use powerful weapons to obliterate waves of crazed vegan-zombies and mecha-carrots. Need a five minutes break? Want to challenge your teammate? Want to make a new efficient diet? Explode legumes; it's safe for the health!


Jump Birdy Jump!

This Android app from Ovogame offers engaging gameplay and cute graphics: “A little bird wants to join his better half but the cruel world won't let him. Collect as many stars as you can while jumping between wires and avoiding pitfalls. Jump Birdy Jump is a fun little game hand-crafted by a guy in his garage after 19 weeks of eating nothing but ramen.” Watch the video demo below:

Want even more apps? Check out Part Two of this series for more great apps and information about developers doing amazing things!













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