OEM Systems supporting Intel® AMT 9.x and Intel® SBA


In 2013, Intel launched the 4th Generation Intel® Core Processors, previously code-named Haswell. The following tables identify which OEM (Haswell) systems support Intel® vPro™ Technology supporting Intel® AMT and Intel® SBA (Small Business Advantage).

For more information about the Intel AMT 9.x releases see this blog:

Intel AMT version/FW/CPU decoder:

  • Intel AMT 9.0/9.1 is for Haswell 2 chip Intel vPro Technology CPUs (M and H series)
  • Intel AMT 9.5 is Haswell 1 chip Intel vPro Technology CPUs (U and Y series)
  • Systems that support Intel AMT versions 9.0 or 9.1 will have the 9.0 or 9.1 version of the ME
  • Systems that support Intel AMT versions 9.5 will have the 9.5 version of the ME

OEM Systems that support Intel AMT 9.x:

OEMForm FactorSeries NameAMT /FW version
DellDetachableVenue Pro 119.5
DellNotebookLatitude 6000 series9.0/9.1
DellNotebookLatitude 64409.0/9.1
DellDesktop SFFOptiplex 90209.0/9.1
DellAIOOptiplex 23” 90209.0/9.1
DellWorkstation NotebookPrecision M38009.0/9.1
DellWorkstation NotebookPrecision 15” & 17” WS NB9.0/9.1
FujitsuDetachableSTYLISTIC Q7049.5
FujitsuConvertibleLifeBook T9049.5
FujitsuUB ClamshellLifebook U9049.5
FujitsuConvertibleLibebook S9049.0/9.1
FujitsuDesktop SFFEsprimo Q920-Q879.0/9.1
FujitsuAIOEsprimo X9139.0/9.1
HPConvertibleRevolve g29.5
HPUB ClamshellElitebook 8409.5
HPUB ClamshellElitebook 8509.5
HPNotebookElitebook 8209.5
HPDesktop SFFEliteDesk 8009.0/9.1
LenovoConvertibleThinkpad Yoga vPro9.5

Not all Intel vPro systems are equipped with Small Business Advantage. Here are some that are available.

OEM Systems that support Intel AMT 9.x and Intel SBA:

OEMForm FactorSeries NameIntel AMT/ME FW
DellUltrabook ClamshellLatitude 7000ME 9.5
DellNotebookLatitude 7000ME 9.5
DellNotebookLatitude 5000ME 9.5
FujitsuAll-in-one (AIO)Esprimo X913ME 9.0/9.1
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