Evangineer: SxSW Day 3

More Power!
As I've traveled the @sxswinteractive trade show floor introducing myself and wishing I had taken Brad's advice and got business cards I had a conversation with the  nice people @killertracks (http://killertracks.com/b3sci). Somewhere during the show I began to introduce myself as an engineer evangelizing Intel software. They came up with my new title, I'm an Evangineer! They claimed no rights to the word,  but deserve a shout out for helping me communicate more efficiently.
I also had great conversations with the folks demonstrating #videoshader. It is a fun and free iOS* app that uses Open standards like OpenGL to place video EFX real time on your i-device. Their's is the best example of what my friend and loss-control specialist Jim Davis called a fire hazard on the first day.  Access to power more than important at this stage of the show as I shared in my SxSW day one entry here. Honestly, I found the wall-of-wow well worth it.
VideoShader's Wall of Wow (the reason for all those wall warts)
There are so many interestying ideas shared at the show including PC based oscilliscopes (Pico Technologies, picotech.com) and web music aka youtube* chord chart generators (chordify.net). I can't wait to explore how Intel software tools can make their products and our users' experiences even better. I thing this qualifies for the evangelist side of my tilte, don't you think?


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