- Android WebRTC audio/video for tech support

Today we are very happy to announce a new Meshcentral feature aimed squarely at the Android remote support scenarios. Rick Edgecombe has been working hard on the Android WebRTC audio/video communication for technical support. Launched with the latest version of the Mesh Android Agent on Google Play, this new agent has a full WebRTC audio & video stack so that users using Chrome and Opera can initiate a video conversation to a meshed Android device. Moreover, the video session floats on top of the Android desktop and the Meshcentral web site allowing the session to happen while having access on both sides to all of the Meshcentral features including remote desktop, terminal, files, power actions and Android settings.

For organizations that want to setup a technical support center for Android devices. Once you setup a Meshcentral server, your technicians need only run a compatible browser. No additional software required, just the browser. When a device needs support, the technician can have a audio/video conversation with the user. The video feed is one way, from the technician to the user only. Audio flows in both directions. Because we use WebRTC, the traffic is direct from the browser directly to the device ad back. The server does not relay the traffic. As the audio/video session happens, the technician can access, analyses and change device internal settings, access the device command prompt and interact with remote desktop of the device. So, you get the full capabilities generally expected for technical support. The WebRTC stack on the Android device support echo-cancellation and OpenGL rendering. Check out the video demonstration.

As you can imagine, this new feature continues to place Meshcentral as a technology leader for Android device management and assistance. For developers, we added a HTML/Javascript sample for this new feature so you can integrate it into your own web applications. After users update the Mesh Agent on their device (in the next few hours), hit the “Video Call” button on Meshcentral and enjoy!

Questions and feedback appreciated,
Ylian Saint-Hilaire


Released today, the new WebRTC audio/video communication adds to
the extensive list of Meshcentral Android technical support features.

Rick Edgecombe has a Youtube video demonstration of
the new Android WebRTC video communication feature.

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