- Android Applications, TURN, OSX improvements

In the last week, the team has been hard at work and today we have many more features to announce. First, I want to thank everyone running Mesh servers and are giving us feedback. Many more bugs and fixes have been fixed because of reports and more to come as we are working on a new release of the Mesh agent. Today, we got 3 big ticket items to present.

  • Android Application Management. Thanks for Rick Edgecombe and Matt Primrose, we can how fetch the list of installed Android application on a remote device in real time, get detailed information about the source of the application, installation time, permissions and more. The user interface allows for filtering on normal or all application, including system applications. Allows sorting by various columns and remotely launch, stop and uninstall applications. For most devices, only launching applications is allowed but if the mesh agent is given extra permissions, stop and uninstall is also possible. This feature is especially important for device monitoring, and to remote support use cases where technicians can quickly see what application could be causing problems.
  • Improved Apple OSX support. This week, we released updated Mesh agents for OSX. Our group got us the latest generation OSX 10.9 Mavericks Mac Book Pro and we made use of it to compile new Mesh binaries for both 32 and 64 bit x86 processors that are backward compatible with OSX 10.5. We are keeping a OSX 10.6 Mac Book Pro in our lab for testing on older OSX versions. The installer is still shell based (we are looking for people who would build a better installer) but all features including the WebRTC data channel and remote desktop should work across 5 generations of OSX.
  • Browser WebRTC TURN support. When we announced WebRTC support, we now supported for the first time a direct data channel between browsers and remote devices. This worked well in most but not all cases. If you are behind an HTTP proxy or have some types of routers, WebRTC direct traffic routing can’t work. For these cases, we added TURN support with a new relay server at This is an optional part of how WebRTC works and allows users to have WebRTC connectivity which offloading the traffic relay task off of the mesh server and one to other servers. The mesh server fully supports generating time limited TURN server authentication tokens. TURN server support is currently only browser-side. Thanks for Rick Edgecombe for getting this setup. For people running Mesh servers, we have updated documentation on how to install your own TURN server.

Updates will be pushed to all Mesh server clones in the next few days.

Questions and feedback appreciated,
Ylian Saint-Hilaire

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