Play Together, Stay Together: All in One Gameplay

If you’ve been looking for something that combines the classic gameplay of your favorite childhood board games with a little bit of modern innovation and technology, you might want to check out the All In One PC, a tablet-like computing workstation (monitor, memory, CPU, etc.)  that is collated into one form factor, aka “all in one”.  These streamlined systems create an uncluttered computing experience that can be a focal point for gameplay, research, or even simple Web browsing – for more than just one person.

All-in-One PCs offer the high performance of a regular desktop, but they are also slim enough for a small desk or could even be hung on the wall. They can also be used as an HD TV and media center in the living room or as a hub to network other wireless devices in the home.  Setting this system up is simpler than setting up the traditional desktop system; the All-in-One PC just turns on. There are no monitor cables, no speaker cables, no complicated, intimidating moving parts that make computing less user-friendly, thus the consumer can more immediately dig into the computing experience. With touch capability, these systems can also improve the way that users interact with content, with software, but most of all, with each other.

Because the essential design of the All-in-One PC is simple and neat, they lend themselves easily to including new interfaces and innovation, including touch design.  Think of the classic board game board: several players take their places on all sides of the square, interacting with each other for hours of competitive gameplay. The All in One takes that classic concept and upgrades it with cutting edge graphics, sound, and immersive play.

A recent Intel® contest centered on the All in Ones – the Intel™ App Innovation Contest, with the goal being innovative apps centered on this particular form factor:

“Create innovative Windows* 8 apps for new All-in-One and Tablet devices. Inspire developers to continue the evolution of computing with creative solutions to consumer and enterprise challenges. Leverage the combined power of a new operating system, form factors, and Intel® architecture to establish new use cases and PC interaction.”

This event was a 20 country, multi-language (English, Chinese, and Russian) developer-focused competition. The goal was to generate innovative Windows*8 desktop demo apps that are optimized for Lenovo* All-In-One and tablet devices, inspire developer creativity, leverage new form factors, and establish new use cases and PC interaction.

Winners were chosen from four regional contest sites in Russia (Habrahabr), China (CSDN), India (ThinkDigit) and the US (Code Project). The Grand Prize Winner was Scribblify, developed by Matthew Pilz. In addition, eight other category winners were also selected based on platform and app segment categories (you can see all the winners here). All-In-One Categories included:

Reinvent fun. Dream up an interactive entertainment experience that helps make the All-In-One an endless adventure. Enhance a trip to the movies, a concert, or a theme park. Turn a lazy video stream into a whitewater thrill ride.

Design something amazing. Whether it’s a simple multi-touch puzzler or an epic journey with a massive field of view, your app will make the All-In-One a gaming legend.

One of the Intel App Innovation Contest AIO Winners was Null Ref, who won with their exciting game Hot Shots.  In the video below, Adam Hill and Patrick Ytting from Null Ref talk about this multiplayer space action game, noting that the goal of the game is all about getting people around the table on an AIO device. This game shows off the hardware in an innovative way, especially since up to ten people can play at the same time! What they found most exciting about the AIO was the giant touchscreen; they hope that in the future even more touch points can be implemented for more gameplay possibilities. Watch below:

Another contest winner was Yenn Luo of The Best Sync, with their app “Paint Your Music”, which pairs painting and music for an interactive creative game. With a touch of the screen, you can create your own music (both single and multiplayer options available), and the 3D version of the “keyboard” makes for exciting visuals. If you want to change something, there’s a pullout menu that provides multiple key and scale changes, as well as tempo. Multiplayer mode looks like Ping-Pong with music and you can replay the music you’ve just created after the game if you choose. The development team states that they are looking forward to including more tonalities and instruments in future versions, in addition to more than two players at a time. Watch the video below for more information:

Modern, streamlined design along with unlimited innovation possibilities make developing for the All in One an exciting prospect. By design, these systems have many built-in or easily-included elements which can be combined in countless ways to create innovative solutions.  The whole family can easily enjoy a wide selection of entertainment, creating and sharing that next great memory, and easily exploring and connecting to what interests them most.

These systems preserve the full functionality of a PC with the performance of an Intel Core processor but also deliver all-around multimedia functionality with a touch screen interface (in some models) in addition to a keyboard and mouse.  These are high-performance computers which offer near-instant wake up times.  The larger screens offer a vibrant HD display, and provide a more immersive experience when watching TV and movies or viewing and editing photos. 

What can you imagine on an All in One? Has this contest inspired you as a developer to create something new and innovative?


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