Intel's Baremetal Provisioning Patch for DevStack*

OpenStack* employs DevStack* for integration testing and development purposes. In previous iterations of DevStack, baremetal provisioning was only simulated via Ironic by having physical machines replaced with virtual machines. 

With recent patches supplied by Intel, the ability to test/tryout baremetal provisioning is more simple and easy.  Previously DevStack could only support Ironic configuration using the pxe_ssh driver.  Patches have now made the agent_ipmitool driver available as well. Rapid baremetal setup is now much easier with this additional DevStack support.

Specifically, the DevStack patches Intel contributed enable two things: they allow the use of the agent_ipmitool driver in Ironic for provisioning physical servers and create a flat provider network environment to let the physical machines have access to the DHCP service which is hosted in a virtual network environment. The agent_ipmitool driver manages nodes by deploying the operating system using Ironic Python Agent and controlling the power status using IPMI commands sent via the ipmitool utility. DevStack will also create a flat provider network for these physical machines in order to communicate with other services provided by OpenStack such as the PXE server and the dnsmasq service.

Ironic agent_ipmitool driver

For more on OpenStack baremetal provisioning with exploratory exercises, see this article:

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